When I Touched the Driftwood

I was walking along the beach
In a small town near where i stay
Like all the other beach walkers
We like to look and play
I stumbled across some driftwood
It was buried in the sand
The feeling when i touched it
I began to understand
I knew where it had come from
I also knew where it had been
It was part of the bow of a boat
A sturdy cross member beam   
The longer that i held it
It told me more each time
When it was shaped from the tree
In its scented pristine prime
It was taken to a shipbuilder
Who crafted it into the hull
It was part of a glorious yacht
That sailed from the Isle of Mull
But on one fateful night
In the storm lashed Caribbean
The seas were just to strong
It floundered and let the sea in

All the crew were saved
Picked up by bigger ships
Taken to a safe harbour
To reminisce about their trip

I'm in the North Of Scotland
And the Caribbean is way down south
Its amazing how this piece of driftwood
Came to be at this river mouth


Courage is More than a Word

Courage is for our soldiers
Who stand up and fight
In causes not worthy
Where cowards take plight

Junkies and dealers
Mugger's too
Destroying lives in their path
In wanton slew

Courage is for heroes
Of different faiths
Different colours
Their Honourable race

Paedophiles, rapists
The scum of the earth
In my poem they are mentioned
This is all they are worth

Courage is a word
Earned by the brave
Where many are lost
To an early grave


Inspired by Constance's contest " Courage " this is not an entry


Tell Me Why

We read in the papers
We see on the news
Our children of tomorrow
Battered and bruised

By neglectful parents
What did they have them for 
And rebel leaders
Fighting their wars

Even in society
Our kids are prey
Gone tomorrow
From yesterday

Even natural disasters
Take their toll
In the streets they scavenge
Invisible food bowl

They are our future
In our survival apply
Why does it happen
Tell me why


To Look Out

Look out to look in to look out
To be there we need someone to shout 
   For us to survive
   We need to contrive
Sadly, frankly i have serious doubt

A Whole New World

Life can be so hard to take
Day to day can leave you in ache
     Just remember out there
     There's a whole world you can share
So take that step forward and make

Past to Present

If you have ever felt so down
Do you stop to think and stare
The roads of life that have taken you
To your point in life that your there

Have you ever felt to look back
On life's journey from when you were young
Knowing now your crossroads has been reached
Through the door your new life can begin

To arise and take that first step
Look back to your past and ponder
From where you stand look ahead
Your past steps will lead you to yonder