The Ghost and the Dream

We dreamed in a dream
That we were on the beach
The girls in costume
But the ghost was within reach

Iolanda and Danielle on the beach did they stand
Whilst Karen and Barbara, skipped with Carolyn in hand
Unknown to them, they were being watched from a far
A ghostly figure with a lengthy scar

The very next morning, at breakfast they were
Eating cheese covered noodles, in sight of the ghost with the scar
To the balcony they retired, sun bathing naked as be
As the ogling ghost, looked over the balcony to see

In strategic display, the straw hats were in place
So that the Souper girls would never be disgraced
But who is the ghost that all these girls see
This figure of white, at their balcony

Their day turns to night, into the town they head
For drinks and a meal, and then they retire to bed
But in the deep of the night, there is a cry and a shout
As all the girls wonder, what was that all about

In the morning they discovered, someone fell in their pool
A peeping tom was reported, someone was just playing the fool
The sad thing is, that they never discovered who
So when they all go to sleep, watch out for the BOO!

< Taken from Carolyn's dream, and for some of the ladies on the Soup
        Iolanda, Danielle, Karen, Barbara and of course Carolyn >


Recovery takes Time

The recovery from life at seven is so trying. Having witnessed
your brother being taken to heaven. What future can a child see
through cascades of tears, what future does a parent explain to
allay his fears.

Their day to day life has been forever changed, as their different
tomorrow brought loss and sever. Where do i start to tell you if i coped.
What words for the loss as my fathers health sloped.

Decisions were made from the pain we must move, to be on the peripheral, to
rejoin life, to gain. Absorbing our loss, brought us closer than
before, but it has taken a life to go through their last door.

My father and i, responded by living. We walked in beautiful glens
surrounded by heathers, as we as a family grew from our weathers. The walks
on Ben Nevis in nature surround, as he taught me plenty about animals and
plants. We would drink the clear waters as he told me it brought life. Being
so educated at seven, filled the void. Every so often we would say " Boom
Boom " would love being here, as we thought for a moment and then the
eventual tears.

But the toll of our loss, for my father was heartbroken. His health declined
with the loss of my brother. Six more years of sporadic times, as hospital
became his home and child support became mine.

My recovery from life continues to this day. As i think and look back at
all the times we spent surrounded by life, my father and i from the loss of
a life, but i still wonder why.