Anarchy in the UK

This once nation of peace and calm, lies in chaos and anarchy
It's Government in broken promises, imploding indefinitely

Students are the first to react, their future in tattered torn
Through barricades they implore, their resilience will never be worn

To go back on why you've been voted in, is sacrilege to them
Being blatant has been their response, from alleged honourable men

Days of protests abound, whilst the multitudes in gather grow
Anarchy is their cry, it's for you, whom we'll overthrow

A week has duly passed, as the masses rise in cities rife
They target Government offices, now lying empty in soulless strife

Stubbornness kicks in, by these trusted voted in
In blind they see no reason, to allow their lies to thin

We are now into the second week, enforcement officers cannot contain
Around their table the dishonourable crew, call in our fighting men

Through the barricades, dialogues from our forces gain
Brothers shout to brothers, through the same windows, mirrored are pains

For they have similar irks, to be combatant without their needs
Being posted to lands we don't belong, filling their Governments greed's

Barriers now in fall, amidst the students their brothers unite
No weapons are called upon, a non triggered anarchy strikes

Many cities are now affected, in education down
The anarchy cry kicks in, whilst the Government in place sits drowned

On the steps of No 10, it's aged door now lies ajar
I no longer speak for the people he says, our lies have gone too far

Voted in, now voted out, candidates step forward, in truthful elected cry
For whom now elected, be prepared for the reign, or future political die


Patriotic Retirement Plan

Giving billions of pounds to banks that just squander
Sharing bonuses and gifts, as they internally launder

To Mr Cameron, an alleged Prime Minister for the people
You work for us, do your job right, climb our steeple

Currently in our workforce, there are ten million or more
Aged over fifty, by the score, by the score

Pay them all a million, let's call it severance pay
Retire them early, ten million jobs now in play

With their monies they must buy, a brand new fancy car
Ten million cars ordered, a motor industry to travel far

A house they must buy, or a mortgage to pay off
A dying housing crisis sorted, no builders will scoff

To their kids who have become idle, youthful travesty
No excuses now, to schools, college or universities

So many kids will be removed, no hanging about our streets
Education being their answer, crime fixed, the ultimate treat

Buying fuel for their new cars, purchasing a few bottles of wine
Their taxes and expenditure, will leave the economy fine

What the tax payer has laid out, as they internally launder
Whom we have voted in, do your job, we'll grow fonder

Adapted from an email I received at work today.

Patriotic Plan - It All Makes Perfect Sense

To reclaim needless expenditure, allow the MP's to repay
No matter the total, let the law courts have their say

Now our economy has taken a turn for the best
Restructuring internally an injection of zest

Now, let's look after our pensioners, and place them in jail
They'll have showers, walks and hobbies, where their care won't fail

From unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical aid
Wheel chairs aplenty, not a penny will they have paid

Constant video monitoring, instant assistance if they fell
Bedding washed and changed twice a week, soon they'll be well

Having someone check up on them, every twenty minutes or so
Bringing meals to their cells, watch the smile in them grow

Families visit in a suite, for their purpose and nothing more
Enjoying Snooker, Pool and Sky TV, and a Library to explore

Clothing would be provided, shoes, slippers, PJ's and Legal Aid
It's all free on request, oh my! certainly no charges to be made

They would also have gardens and lovely exercise yards
Computers, TV and Radio and as many as they want, phone cards

No longer would there be a Matron, a board of directors there will be
A code of conduct for the officers, strictly adhered to, you'll see

And what of the poor prisoners I hear your minds start to think
How will they cope, these poor souls left on the brink

Well, they'll get by with cold food, left alone unsupervised
All lights turned off at eight, as they will internally cry

Mind you they will shower once a week, live in a tiny little room
A figure of £600.00 a week they won't flout, with no getting out soon


Patriotic Plan - Find the last Man

It beggars belief at the time of the Bovine troubles
Cartoon capers mirror in abundance like little Barney Rubble's

An epidemic so troubling that we called Mad Cow disease
In it's simplistic traceability it was readily in please

In a seek and ye find just a cow in a field
Born in Appleby three years ago, no hide, please can you yield

We can trace where it came from right back to where it slept
Tracking her calves to certain stalls, boy! we sure don't feel inept

But in our country of so many million, where can they all go
Thousands of illegal immigrants amongst us they do flow

Red Tape, Civil Servants and Politicians, they signed to allow
Just maybe when we find them, each of them we'll donate a cow


Anarchy in the UK - re-Written

This once nation of peace and calm, lies close to chaos and anarchy
It's Government will be in struggle, imploding indefinitely

What gives a person the right to carry a gun on to our streets
When challenged by the police, they can't accept their greet

Knowing they are totally wrong, some can't even admit defeat
Community drums now sound, then the morons take to our streets

These little sheep from hours earlier, turn rabid in bravado show
Turning on who can not defend themselves, as their manic strife grows

Businesses that survived two wars, are engulfed in a matter of hours
It's time to pass new laws, enforce to the full their powers

How many of the arrested have jobs, mortgages and families to feed
Yet they plunder the lives of others, to fill their moronic greed

They even try to help the injured, then decide to rob him as well
Society once again turns violent, as the media show and tell

Days of rioting abound, whilst the moronic multitudes grow
Is Anarchy their cry, many couldn't spell it I'll let you know

In a few days it will be over, families and businesses torn
I wait in anticipation, for the next calm before the storm