The Day of the Comets - Act 1

An advanced party
From many years in the future
Visit a planet called earth
A most barren of features
They ascend a steep hill
Like a battle scarred scene   
As their receivers locate
Something unseen
They scrape the dirt
And uncover a find
Something so old
From a different time
Surveillance over
They head back to their ship
To set out again
Once they re-equip
The items they found
In particular on that hill
With their modern technology
They hear a historical chill
They sit in angst
At the words they hear
From a few centuries ago
A voice in fear

  As i stood on the porch
  Over looking the valley
  I start to view the comets
  As i await earths finale

To know what happened, please read " The Day of the Comets - Act 2 "


The Day of the Comets - Act 2

As i stood on the porch
Over looking the valley
I start to view the comets
As i await earths finale
All through the night
The sky was changing
To orange, yellows and pinks 
A different arranging
The weather became humid
All the animals were crying
As if they knew
Today their world is dying
Shower after shower
In the distance they fell
Communication is shattered
No more farewells
One lands close
About a mile away
You could feel its force
As they tree's burned and swayed
I stand here in awe
At the sight i behold
As i await the next
Knowing i will never grow old
On the horizon i view
A blackening sky
As our mother earth
Meet her skies
These comets from some where
In obliteration zest
For what reason they!

View from the Second Comet - Act 1

Out of its axis
In negative spin
Our planet we call earth
Is diminishing

Three days earlier
A comet struck home
From the black of the universe 
On its trajectory roam

The world as normal
Went about its day
Parents worked
While their children played

We had heard before
That a comet may strike
But the observatory in Hawaii
Said we were well out of its sight

But unknown to us all
It had split into two
The smallest section
Towards us flew

As it broke from the main body
In its twisted break
Its angle changed
We now just await

On the day of the impact
Half the world was asleep
While the other half
Were already in weep

It struck a volcano
Near the Indian Ocean
As fissures opened
In lava spewed motion

As we watched on the news
We could hardly believe
Our planet being obliterated
Will we have time to grieve

A report comes in
The shuttle Liberty is following
As the second part of the comet spins

It too has changed
Its trajectory course
To our planet it heads
For now we all, fear the worst

Presidents, Prime Ministers
Are all on the phone
Asking, What can we do
To stop this destructive roam? 


View from the Second Comet - Act 2

At Cape Canaveral
Working for CNN
Carolyn Devonshire
With a news bulletin
    In less than three days
    The second comet will hit home
    All the worlds governments are working  
    To halt it's destructive roam
    Here at NASA
    They are preparing a shuttle
    To carry a weapon
    Deadly but subtle
    Scientists from Russia
    China and Japan
    Are working together
    To save our lands
    Inside these hangers
    A mission is planned
    To arm a shuttle
    Electronically manned
    Aboard it will carry
    A weapon of power
    Once it strikes home
    We await the meteorite shower 
In the NASA control room
The count down begins
Our world as we know it
Under three days from its end
The engines roar
As the rocket zests
Inside the shuttle
Is a cargo that's blessed
As it hits Mach 23
It disappears from our view
Beyond our world
A mission so true
With the comet in sight
The shuttles doors now agape
Releasing a small craft
With flags of the world, proudly draped
The shuttle that's followed
This comet of death
Captures the moment
Man left it reft
A craft coloured gold
Approaches at speed
Reaches the comet
Blessed by all creeds
A blinding light
As bright as the sun
Destroys the comet
As the meteorites run
The second shuttle
Is peppered like earth
But she makes it home
Her witness, well worth
Footage is shown
The death of a comet
In obliteration blown
How many more
Are lurking out there
As we await their entrance
We stand together, and beware


Years After the Bombs

Its been many years
Since the bombs did their worst
As they exploded worldwide
In radioactive burst

Our cities lie flattened
Where once they were tall
Their population thriving
Now in radiation withdrawal  

The lands lie poisoned
Where nothing much grows
As much of life
Is in extinction froze

Even the skies
Look so different than before
In bloodied red shades
Like wide open sores

Whats left of us humans
In walking decay
Our bodies misshaped
As evolution replays

Our newborn grotesque
In radiation mix
Will our world recover
From this river Styx

Our once lovely planet
Of green rolling hills
Fields of greens
And harvest crop spills

What can i say
There isn't much else
As i lay here radiated
A shadow of myself

Soon it will be dark
And i will eventually sleep
For every-time i look around
I internally weep

The Day our Moon Died

I awoke one morning
It was incredibly bright
I drew back the curtains
To a most amazing sight

It was like we had two suns
Orange orbs, floating in the sky
The heat that was being emitted
I felt the atmosphere dry

I turned on the TV
It must be on the news
From where i stand
Surely I'm not the only view

Is it a phenomenon
Or nature playing her tricks
The camera crews are at NASA
Lets see what they make of it

Deep in outer space
An explosion we can't comprehend
Has sent a massive meteor
To our moon it's journey ends

Our world is now in peril
The Moon held us stable
Can us scientists do something
I'm not sure we are able

There will never be many times
When the whole world stopped and stared
But this is one of those times
We have every right to be scared 


The Mayan Declared

The year is 2025
I have come back to my past
To witness the Mayans
Who said Earth would not last

Was the year they declared
That the planet we knew
Could never be spared

An Asteroid shower
We could never comprehend 
Sends this heaven to hell
In catastrophic spend

The first to hit
Was the daddy of them all
Our axis twisted
The human race in fall

Just of Madagascar
In the Indian Ocean
It's where it all started
That set our demise in motion

Tsunami waves
Like giant tower blocks
Swamped Indonesia
As Polynesia rocked

The force of impact
Reverberated west
On the Canary Islands
A dormant volcano so reft

It's massive mountain side
Into the Atlantic slipped
To the eastern seaboard
Of the United States it shipped

A second Tsunami
Half the world long
Would submerge the east
Taking the weak and the strong

The second to hit
Hit a place struck before
Tunguska in Russia
Receives another sore

Daylight turns to night
As earth meets our skies
Fallout from the reactors
In shattered demise

Radiated clouds
Eventually filter down
Leaving bleeding lacerations
As we humans death drown

Smaller asteroids
Some just a few hundred feet
Around the world they were marvelled
Until they meet their greet

The place where I stand now
Was Yosemite National Park
Now dark ridges of black
So bare and stark

It's been many many years
Since the sun shone through the screen
When I close my eyes I remember
When the earth was lush and green

How many of us survived
Will we ever know
Was this in our destiny
I think all around me, now shows