The Clever Ape to the Horrible Human

I'm nothing special, just plain old me

Ancestors from my past came down from the tree

We scratched our knuckles and found that hurt

Scraping our skin through our neighbourhood dirt

As wise as I was at that young age

My skin bleeding, something needed to change

The fruit above caught my eye

As I unarched my back it made me sigh

Why had dad, not thought of this before

Than knuckling dirt on our neighbourhood floor

As I looked around and viewed our troop

They were all like me, not one did stoop

Is it a corner we've turned, and is it for the best

This standing up, the evolution test

For through the years we transformed and formed

Into a standing ape like human form

Was this a path for us to take

Or a misleading path and it's all a mistake

It's millions of years, later now

Why have we become what we are now

Our treatment of us, is oh so sad

What made us, turn out so bad

What will it take to be so sure

Maybe taking that stance on our neighbourhood floor

And why do I say what you read above

It's mans inhumanity to man, it sure ain't love

So what do we do to iron this out

I'm no Stephen Hawking's, but please give me a shout!

It's best to discuss this sitting under a tree

As we look up above, where we used to be


The Clever Ape - to the New World Man

Docking, negative atmosphere
Space trailers remove their ware
Leaden-ed forks
Unship cargo tares
Suited up
Suited for who?
Statues we are
Statues for who?
This Human Zoo rings a bell
The more we explore
The more we fell
Can we behave
Uninvited as we are
On the Sea of Tranquillity
Have we come to far
This Clever Ape - to the New World Man
Has he caught us up
Evolution scam
Are we so clever
We were never to be
That Ape, up the tree? 


Seagulls or Stuka's
The seagulls who soar
Above our heads
How beautiful they are
When their sleeping in bed
It's when their on the want
And scrounge for food
It makes you wish
They were made of wood
To give them credit
They eat the scraps
Then what do they do
Using their napalm crap
Like white Stuka's
In deathly dive
White washing the feeders
To splatter strive
Pebble dashed grounds
Of White's and Grey's
The art of the seagulls
Their public display
Dinosaurs - Not Just Big Words
The Alamosaurus, was the last of their kind
And the Baryonyx, in the water you'll find
Now there's Camelotia, from a historical site
One of the largest ever, Diplodicus - now there's a sight
Of Elaphrosaurus so nimble and fast
Fabrosaurus, five-fingered hands for the plants they grasped
Ostrich shaped Garudimius, the horned one
And the tree dwelling Hypsilophodon, though this has since been dis-proven
Iguanodon like our Iguana, possibly travelled in herds
The helmet-like crested Jaxartosarus, similar in today's birds
With spikes and plates, the Kentosaurus had more ribs than his mate
As big as T-Rex, you don't want to be on the Labocania's plate
In 1677 it came from the ground, this Megalosaurus was the first to be found
For Noasaurus in 19th Century England, scientists were no longer confound
Oviraptor the toothless one, but clawed hands - don't argue with me son
Then there's Pentaceratops the horny one, he certainly was not - to be outdone
Quaesitosaurus a sauropod cousin, shaped the same with whip like tails
The Rhoetosaurus of similar ilk, heavy on land -  in the water our whales
Stegosaurus the plated one, these helped them from the burning sun
Big in size big in name, Titanosaurus -  with speckled back the armoured one
The Utahraptors, the ones with the teeth, lacerate their prey  - ready meat
From Jurassic Park grip your seat, Velociraptors you don't want to greet
Wonderful Wuerhosaurus, a spiky Stegosaur from the Cretaceous time
The Xiaosaurus of bipedal rhyme, these glorious beasts alive in their prime
It's England again, The Isle of Wight - Yaverlandia was found with bones so thick
Last of all the Zizhongosaurus, i have my favourite so take your pick
My youngest loved learning about Dinosaurs growing so i thought, why not.


Dromaeosaurid Theropod Dinosaur

Bipedal, feathered
Carnivore, swift seizer, the




Our Land of Old
The undulations in this land of old
Where giants walked on greens and golds
They massed in herds and ruled the sky
But many laid down and said their last goodbye
Volcanoes were common, not like today
Eruptions aplenty is molten spray
Ferns and dragonflies as big as can be
Forests so massive, where hidden eyes could see 
We were but young in the land of the old
It was many years for us humans to unfold
Sadly by then all the gems had gone
They must have wondered where they went wrong
Neighbours they were, even the strong and the weak
They did what was right, for their survival they seeked
For every so often from the land of the old
They are found in our strata, as their past is told
These animals of old, we see in museums and books
They are part of our past, and well worth the look
It's hard to imagine that these beasts roamed our earth
But every single one, for their time they were worth
Winged Lizard
Triassic, Cretaceous
Vertebrates of old
We, the winged lizards
As fossils have told
Membrane of skin
Legs to forth finger
Soaring on thermals
Gliding of linger
Genius of the sky
Us, winged creations
Master of the clouds
Its our airborne nation
Over green peaked mountains
Rifts and glens
Will the world witness
My ancestors again
Our latter species
Toothless and short tailed
But our incredible wings
Ensured that we sailed
Me the Pterosauros
Pterodactyl to you all
Extinction wiped us
But did we all fall


Even Elephants Dream

Mum and me
Below the skies
Strolling by
Above birds fly

Two orbs
Look down on us
Planetary worlds
Float without fuss

A tall tree
Lazily sways
As if to guide us
On our way

Distant clouds
Swirl around
Hold their charms
Without a sound

As we roam our lands
With no sight of man
Free from death
At the poachers hand 


The Mare and the Stallion
A joyous scene
As he leads the herd
Trotting, kicking
His voice being heard
But this big boy
The leader he is not
It's the herds mare
All regal and hot
She determines their path
Where they feed and rest
Also when in danger
Showing safety zest
The dominant Stallion
Guards the herd
Always on the peripheral
Neighing his words
This relationship of two
In equine rule
Commanding in their role
In partnership dual

Seasons End, Seasons Return

The last of Autumn
Falls to the ground
Winter clouds
All around

Frost and snow
With a little sun
Is out of our window
For the months to come

Around winters corner
Spring appears
The cold left behind
A new living frontier

Warm thermals arrive
Summer in bloom
Our outlook changes
Seasonal perfume


This short write was sparked by Karen O'Leary's Haiku " frosty " ty.

Through the Eyes of a Whale
The journey of me
Your about to read
Migration of we
To rich grounds to feed
Vast waters
Gifted of blue
Humpback and right
My cousins true
In hunger dive
After giant squid
To the darken deep
On our sonar grid
Feasted, fed
Shadows appear
Orca pod
Our calves i fear
We adults encircle
To protect the young
Flick of our tail flukes
Orca's, in wave like flung
Danger over
Migration on track
To my left
An awesome humpback
We swim together
Grand beasts of the sea
Species of ilk
In total agree
Our sonar detects
That the water were in
For the many months
Of journey swim
For one third of a year
In our holiday home
Me and my cousins
Our freedom to roam



On the Continents of Earth
Awesome sights are for view
Fashioned for years
Astound me and you

Himalayan pillars dominate the skyline
The Andes of Chile, fall into line
The Rockies so apt, craggy and peaked
Mont Blanc so majestic, virgin snow steeped
Ayers Rock so purple and tribal
They are testament to Earths survival

What she shows high, she also keeps deep
Mariana Trench where Continents meet
The Grand Canyon, Colorado's walls
The delightful cascade of Angel Falls
The plains of Africa, so vast and green
Where marvellous herds are there to be seen

These most grandiose of lands, as if they float on oceans of blue
Solid and rigid, with emotions like me and you
Weather cycles, show anger and calm
And our Ozone layer, their to embalm
Every morning, we open our eyes to observe
Just a thought, it's not just Humans we serve 


Under the Canopy of Greens
Mossed stones lying
As the peaceful twisted tree's
Share the greened felt growth



Mantodea in Prayer like Grasp

In it's prayer like grasp
Incredible mandables
The praying mantis





Scaled relics of time
Ancient reptilian living fossils
The Alligator




Dancing Tree's

Majestic greenery,
Tree's dancing, musical wind;  
Forestial in flow.




Fields of Barley and Rye

Like a patchwork quilt
Congregation of golden
Yellows and ochres




Freckly freckled face
Freckling facial features form
Featuring freckles



Eruption of Life

Rupture of her crust
Internal life exuding
Eruption emits



Atmospheric Discharge
Gigantic jets of
Transient luminous light
Atmospheric show


Alba Semiplena " White Rose "
Alba Semiplena
A Romans gift
In bloom once a year
Flowery lift
One of the oldest Roses
To grace our lands
Delicate in delight
A flower so grand
These perennial plants
Protected by thorns
The are such a picture
We could never scorn
Of all the flowers that do it for me
It's the Rose, whatever colour they be


The Romance of Nature

With the back drop of the moon
Against the bright lit starry sky
A solitary tree stands silent
Let me tell you the reason why

Below its curled like branches
A couple, hold each other close 
For it's in this romantic setting
That nature bows and knows

The grasses even whisper
As the winds whistle through
As if swaying to the tune of their hearts
If only the couple knew

The stars take turns to glisten
As the moon shines at different beats
Even the water ripples harmoniously
All around is natures treat 


Diablo Rojo

Off the San Diego coast
In the California sun
Thriving in it's waters
Deters the Scuba divers fun

An invasion from the deep
In thousands they have come
These carnivorous tentacled invertebrates 
In mass, their prey succumbs

Whats made this explosion happen
Of these predatory Jumbo Squids
Was it an underground earthquake
That's made them flip their lid

Is there another agenda
That us humans cannot see
Could there be something else that's bigger
That drives them, to you and me

Now this would make a story
Off the San Diego coast
A monster from the deep
Or a prehistoric ghost


Natural Paralysis

Lemon and reef sharks
Upside down, enter tonic  




Await the New Ark

Centuries have passed
On this planet earth
Our ancestors were right
As they feared the worst
Gone are many
Never to return
Their habitats stolen
As we ignored their concern  
Blue Whales, tigers
Giraffes so tall
Bird eating spiders
To humans, fall
In a clearing today
Year 2328
Whats left of earths zoo
As we sit here and wait
A planets been located
That will sustain us breathers
We look to our future
Earths lonely leavers
To start anew
Learn from our mistakes
Care and protect
For all of life's sake 


The Raven, the Rook and the Crow
Cousins in flight
The skies their place
Black and grey plumage
With a different face
This genus Corvus
The colour of night
Passerine order
A wonderful sight
A pest to many
Nuisance to lambs
Natural progression
In natures plans
As we roamed the lands
Viewed these birds
Helped their demise
Incredibly absurd
Colonisation has rid
These important birds
From the following islands
The sadness incurred
New Zealand, Hawaii
And Greenland too
They are called a murder
Does that remind you!


Stars Shine, Snowy Earth Reflects
Twinkle night
In the starry sky
They look so near
But so so far
The moon above
In aqua blue
Looking down
On me and you
The heavens grace
Snow laid-en park
Tree's glisten
Light up the dark
A slight noise
Disturbs the birds
Who sanctuary
In this white world
Blackened dots
Against the sky
Flying above
You and i
Sea of Tranquillity
Ocean of stars
Land of Earth
Worlds apart

The Siberian Striper

Manchurian beast
Majestically royal
Panthera tigris



Kayt Manninagh

A hunter so skilled
Tail less, from The Isle of Man
The lovely Manx cat




What Nature Doe's

Water gently ripples
Green grasses sway with the trees
The clouds dance above them
As the winds do as they please

Clouds take a break from dancing
As the sun filters through
Photosynthesis kicks in
And natures greens shine true

But all this can change in moments 
As nature has her way
The above could be tomorrow
Different from yesterday

This is what makes her special
All these things she does
Makes us all feel different
Gracing each with a different buzz

To be blessed with tomorrow morning
From my window i will view
Look to the skies
And wonder what she'll do

Cobalt Blue Sky
Cloudy cobalt sky,
Orangy horizon glows;
The sea mirroring.


Flowers are so Beautiful
Flowers are so beautiful
So radiant in bloom
Colours like the rainbow
They brighten any room
Flowers are so beautiful
Never really growing old
Sleeping for the waiting spring
Again our eyes behold
Flowers are so beautiful
You see them everywhere
On ornaments, wall coverings
Gracing maidens hair
Flowers are so beautiful
Like the sun shines in the sky
They bring a smile to everyone
In bloom tells the reason why


Autumn Pages
Seasons come
And seasons go
In all of the above
Her colours flow
Just like pages
In a book
What the seasons bring
Are worth a look
Spring brings life
In many ways
The sun radiates
From warm awesome rays
The summer oozes
With blooms and colours
Greenery greens
Canopy covers
The winter decides
Who lives and dies
The reader dissects
In passionate cries
But the season for me
Are the Autumn Pages
It's decision to end
In colourful stages
This poem came to me as i was reading poems by Autumn Page.


Birds Across the Blue Divide

The blueing ocean
Separate eagle and dove
Spiritual birds



Roaring Rapids

Rapid gradient
Velocity, turbulence
Increased water flow



Living Forest

Evergreen trees proud
Like forest beacons they shine
Against ochred dead



Autumns Carpet

Leaves of different colours
Drift to the ground
Autumn's carpet
Reds, ochres and browns

For seasons they grace
An audience of life
To end their days
In decaying strife

Natures loss
Is natures gain
Their nutrients never wasted
Or their life in vain

Spring will return
And summer soon
Autumn's carpet
In leafy strewn 


Photograph Shoot

The mist drifts
Over a greened meadow
Tree lined horizon
In shaded shadow

A perfect location
For this magazine shoot 
With a stunning model
To nature i salute

My dark haired model   
With sky blue eyes
Posed to perfection
Professional apply

Dressed in azure and pink
Gracing her jet black hair
Her pose delights
In momentary stare

Click, click the shutters
As they capture the scene
Natures beauty
The scenery and she