Her Avatar

Her avatar in pose, call it what you like
To me I see an absolute delight

Cameras capture her in angle
When looking down on she
It's when those eyes look up
That they do those things to me

I feel them enter my soul, deeply within
And as I look and see, her soft porcelain skin

When cameras capture this maiden
Every image is such a delight
For many a pose she looks different
Whether morning, noon or night

His X-Ray Eyes

Foreground, background, beauty is all around
As she stands against the blue, thoughts in me abound

Through my eyes I see in x-ray effect
And what I see beyond the black not a single defect

For I see a perfect maiden her body rich in shape
And what nature has delivered in beautiful woman drape

I see curves of delight topped with kissable charms
I see a richness of vee, my hearts in alarm

Hips to hold lucious lips to be kissed
Legs that go all the way, oh! am I to be blissed

Towards me she walks my hands she now takes
My heart starts to race I'm now all in shake

To her body their placed as she whipsers in my ear
It's time for adventure release me my dear


On Golden Sands

On golden sands in naked lay
Adventurous hands in touching display
His Maidens skin like fine porcelain
Lips in touch, loves to gain

So caressed she becomes so moist
Groans of excite in wanting voice
Her perfect pink lips lure me to kiss
Sweet she is in hungry bliss

In spiral licks to her lips I head
As she welcomes me home on natures bed
Slowly I enter whilst warmed by she
In kissing touch sharing her honey we be

To her nape I kiss whispering words of love
On natures bed, blue ceiling above
Our movements of joy like the oceans waves
Excite her firm breasts, her pertness I crave

My head in her hands as she entices my bite
Kissing, licking her pert nipples in hardened height
Our bodies now joined in writhing glow
Sharing words of love as our loving shows

My pillar of man between her Vee
In rhythmic motion thee and she
Spontaneous we are in pleasurable voice
Arched she becomes as our bodies rejoice

The release of man cascades her inner walls
Warmed and pink my eyes now befall
A gentle kiss to her heaven I plant
In loving groan, my Maiden now pants

Up her torso I kiss to her lips I share
Sweet tasting honey to her eyes I stare
In gentle touch our moment now lived
Memories we share, for our love we give


Steamy Windows

Amidst the steam on the panes of glass
Are breasts of pure of my Maiden lass
Firm being loved as our hands are clasped
Pressed to impress as our bodies clash

Naked we are sharing as two become one
Again through steamy windows our loving's begun
As the water cascades down this naked of two
Impressed into thee as I stand behind you

Lustful we are sharing moments of bliss
As we turn our heads in tongue lashing kiss
The noise of the water drowns joyous groans 
Our excitement reaches peak, to one another we're sown


Vertical Entwine

Torso to torso, pressed to impress
Internally we share our loving zest
Loving and proud in our moment of bliss
To your nape I whisper a loving kiss

Your imprint of pert against my palms
Whilst I savour and sense your womanly balm
Slip sliding thighs in vertical entwine
Torso to torso we lovingly grind


I Have

I have seen you bare through my dream fuelled eyes
I have stroked your breasts my hands ran down your thighs

I have kissed your nape my hands ran through your hair
I have touched your heart for into my eyes you stared

I have been beside you for many many years
I have watched you laugh and even wiped your tears

I have dreamt in awe in memory of what I've seen
I have confirmed to me that your everything I dreamed

By Candlelight

In quiet glimpse I look at the shadows on the walls
By candlelight they move, as two make loving thrall
Undulations, gyrations as shapes dance in rhyme
Amidst the wanting moans, torso's quietly grind

The flicker of the flame shows off your porcelain skin
Churning butterflies disperse as you welcome me within
Your body I lovingly caress, my heart skipping beats
Closer to me you hold, our love shall not retreat

Sighs and joyous moans amidst lusting kisses
By candlelight we love, sharing sensual wishes
The flicker of the flame bows as we ignite
Now in darkened glimpse, spooned for the night


Heavenly Sweet

Her curvaceous cheeks my hands address
To her heavenly vee my hands caress
Moist sweet honey adorns my skin
Her eyes now tell me, my darling within

In rhythmic rhythm, in sighing kiss
Hands now wander in delightful bliss
Lusting desires now resonate around
Echoing voices of loving sound

Panting greets moans amidst stormy gales
My love cries out like a banshee wails
She pulls me in, my torso held
Impressed to impress us two in weld

If You Were Ever My Girl

If you were ever my girl, how happy I would be
We'd go down in history, our names carved on a tree

We would walk the seasons happily hand in hand
Form girlfriend to fiancée, I'd take that marriage stand

As we enter our tomorrows, children we would discuss
To bring such joy to the world, by loving made by us

We'd grow every day much stronger, kids help to do this
Doing so much together is what's called family bliss

To see our kids prosper, and make their mark in life
As I view life's peripheral, I'm so glad you became my wife

Ogre Above All

This man, my man, ogre above all
But in me, he does, internally thrall
Tattooed in naked, cloaked in lust
Heaving I, as his eyes caress my trust

Diamond I become, pert to touch
His hands, clawing, seeking such
Delving, he's reached, the depth of me
Enticing, I rejoice, releasing so free

Biting, scratching, nails in deep
Blood in rise, apologies we seep
Firm, hungry, lusting to crave
Loving each other in bordering deprave

Who am I to argue, this character man
Ogre above all, my bodies well scanned
I'm read, he's said, we've spoken
Consenting we are, sharing ones token


Under Saltire Skies

I recall the very day, in every male teenagers wish
It's too lie with ones first love and entering loves bliss

Well for me it was so beautiful, below Saltire blue skies
We lay in a field of Barley, looking into each others eyes

To the heavens we looked for guidance, but it was there all the time
It's the feeling of sensual adventure, two hearts in wanting find

Counting her buttons I remember, whilst my heart beats so fast
Seeing her heavenly beauties, left this Highlander in gasp

It's when she teased me in it's removal, her breasts now fancy free
Gravity in young never spoke, it simply mesmerised me

My hands in hers now taken, her denim shorts now slide
Down bronzed Summer skin, simply captures my eyes

Her body excited, so pert, there's a hunger in wanting desire
The craving to join as one, under Saltire skies in perspire

Hands become clenched tight, with a promise of released in flow
How wonderful it is, to be united where nature grows

I recall this very day, in every male teenagers heart
The excitement that delivers us, where many a lifetime starts

Approaching Lavender Gems

Through warm scented mists 

her pert shape silhouetted

a hunger lures I

like an asp, I taste the air

approaching lavender gems



Whilst Porcelain Skins, Excitedly Grow

Where does one start when through my eyes I see
I see curvatures of she, her soul glows
Naked to bare she lies living so free
Her undulated figure in froze pose
Whilst porcelain skins, excitedly grow

She to me she climbs, snake like we're entwined
Defined, enriched and absorbed, two in dine
Our skeletal skins dance, naked now we
Undressed we're elected to be, aligned
Where does one start when through my eyes I see