Alone in the Darkness

Polar caps melted ~
cobalt skies in mourning show ~~
A solitary ~
berg, drifting like a lost soul ~~
all alone in the darkness ~


Kaleidoscopic Fall

~ Kaleidoscopic scenes ~
~* carpet the glens around me *~
~*~ Evergreens stand out ~*~
~* against rusty ochre hues *~
~ Seasonal beauty abounds ~ 

Evergreen Tears

The Autumn shades now distant
Skeletal frames silhouette the skies
The last colours of this seasonal carpet
Decaying in drifted lie

As I walk through this land of nature
Amongst ferns, spruce and firs
Sometimes it makes me wonder
Do the remaining mournfully confer

Is it whispers I hear on the breeze
Or the life all around me in appear
For in this broken canopy I feel raindrops 
Or are they, evergreens tears


In Colourful Gown Display

~*~ Such richness in fall ~*~
The last days of canopies
~*~ give spectacular ~*~
horizons, as we near, lie
~*~ in colourful gown descend ~*~  


Ashen Greys Erased

Ashen to grey clouds
Welcome the horizon glow
Graphite in erase

Water Colours in the Rain

~*~ Summer to Autumn ~*~
Expresses blooms of beauty,
~ primary pastels ~
whilst impending changes loom
~*~ Water colours in the rain ~*~ 

Winters Virginal Carpet

Winters first snowfall * in crystalline ice lay * virginal carpets


Earths Beautiful Flow

translucent waters
in meandering journey
ancient paths taken


Falling of the Edge of the World

I travelled into my thoughts
To somewhere I've never been
The horrors that awaited me
Took me to our human extreme

I cried when I looked through
The windows of our past
And marvelled at what she gave us
I was left in total aghast

In the year two thousand and six
Seven hundred and eighty four
That graced the lands we borrow
Were shown the extinction door

The Tasmanian Devil never nasty
To the Wolves that roamed Alba's land
The Dodo so strange a bird
Were in natures future plans

Twenty eleven now awaits us
Whilst us humans continually strive
Nine hundred and five is now the total
That will never be found alive

Us humans, before we go to sleep
Their falling of the edge of the world
But hey! we'll never change
We're ignorant, and incredibly absurd

A Verse for the Seasons


The alluring season called Spring
Will be upon us very soon
Buds anew will prosper
As we await their impending blooms


As we await their impending blooms
Amidst the canopied veins of greens
Summer is the month of rainbow colours
So radiant in their extreme


So radiant in their extreme
Are the colours of Autumns cry
It saddens one to see them fade
Drifting to their eventual lie


Drifting to their eventual lie
Winters patterns display with grace
Splendid scenes that nature shares
Makes this world a better place 

A Dark Rain's, Gonna Fall

Ashen clouds in loom
As dreary as they appear
Dark rain graces earth

Since the Dawn Of

Winters flows recede
Unknown depths reveal the past
Strata shows time lines 

Am Binnean Dearg - The Red Cuillin

The early dawn on the Western Isles allures me to awaken early *
A pinky red kaleidoscope attracts me through louvred panels ~~
Towards the windows I walk as if taking steps on a lava ladder *
Slowly I open, my eyes are met with the most beautiful vista ~~

Am Binnean Dearg, the Red Cuillin, appears as if erupting **
The suns morning crescent peeks as if in slow motion rise ~
Pinked clouds in drift capture and enhance through their vapours **
Solitude abounds in this most remote of places on Skye ~

I sit in trance and marvel at the changing as the hours pass *
There's love in my eyes seeing what I see for our tomorrows and eternity ~~
The morning now grows into the day as pink pastel blooms fade *
Crisp azures now caress and absorb the morns beauty ~~

The Battle Rages On

Hurricanes in the North Atlantic
Our backs up against her squalls
Time and time she impacts against us
Her rightful power thrall

We have flooding down under in Australia
Tsunami's from  a very recent past
Ice Caps melting in places of wonderment
Her patience now must be aghast

Snow storms in virginal havoc lay
Deep pile carpets she lays on her grounds
Tornado alley, goes beyond seasonal quest
The battle rages on


Snowmans Tears

The tears of a snowmans cry, as if saying goodbye to winters snow
For these tears will not be wasted, for into life these tears will flow
Where once lay the snowman, greenery now shows it's grace
Anew now abounds in shoots and buds in this wonderful beautiful place

The tears of the snowmans cries, resonate on the periphery of I
Harmony and the emotions of life, as I look I understand why
We now await the seasonal cycle and the snows to fall again
For once again we will build our snowman, and marvel at natures reign

Acid Rain in Erode

Grey heavenly skies
in reaction to her hurt
clouds so different
In cry, falls, penetration
acid rain erodes her so