In the Dead of the Night
Gaunt and white
Ashen to dead
The night awakens
For the living dread
A full moon high
Induces their want
Blood of the live
Their silent haunt
Maiden or man
In peaceful sleep
Blooded rewards they crave
In their nighttime reap
An open window
On a moonlit night
As a darkened angel
In quiet flight
A mist drifts
As she appears
A silent victim
In unknown fear
Her neck omitting
A scent of feed
As this vampired dark angel
In wanting need
Slowly she encroaches
As her victim stirs
Revealing more flesh
This vampire's spur
Mouth agape
Her intention set
The need of her
In blood lust wet
Punctured skin
As her teeth sink
The draining of life
In darkened drink
The mist reappears
As the night folds
This vampire's victim
Left in ashen cold


He Delights My Nape

The night I met him
Unknown to me
This knight of the dark
In blood lust spree

He takes me home
To his house on the hill
His handsome looks
My body thrilled

His long brown hair
Beautiful eyes
Body so muscled
The want of me cries 

He holds me close
In adventurous roam
His hands hiking
He's sensing home

My clothes fall
In slow undress
My breasts bare
His hands caress

I feel his breath
Delight my nape
I feel him close
His manly drape

My body warms
I feel his bite
Tonight i'm his
In wanton excite

The wonderous sights
That picture my mind
With my knight of the dark
Away from my living kind

With him I will soar
In centuries we'll roam
Looking for maidens
To call our own


They Come Out at Halloween

Halloween night, when the ghouls come alive
For these few hours above, they seek and strive
Their grim looks and spooky presence
The mist they drift in, their ghostly luminescence   

As the dawn breaks, they are gone from our world
For another year, their eerie sounds won't be heard
But come the next fall, we all need to beware
For on Halloween night, we're in for spooky grim scare

So look after the kids, protect them from the ghouls
For the ghosts in the night, are cleverer than fools


Butterfly Elf Rose

The most beautiful elf
On a pink rose did she stand
With ladybirds and butterflies
In a wondrous land
With snow capped mountains
And fields of green
Cotton wool clouds
Like a delightful dream
The butterflies fluttered
And the ladybirds danced
The beauty of the elf
Left my heart entranced
Dressed in pinks
With roses in her hair
En capturing this highlander
In his delightful stare
The beauty of her pose
With mother nature's creatures
The complexion of her skin
And the most beautiful of features
What a joyous place to be
In this haven of elf's and flowers
Where butterflies and ladybirds
En capture me for hours

Elf Girl Dressed in Yellow

Dressed in yellow
My golden haired elf girl
As she swings around nature
My heart in a whirl
Roses like ivy
Caress the swing ropes
As the butterflies flutter
Just like my heart hopes
Her blue eyes stare
As she swings to and fro
I desire to reach out
My hoping heart in flow
Just as we touch
The sun shines through the trees
To feel her soft skin
My heart in delightful appease
Suddenly I am startled
As i awake from my sleep
My dream of my elf girl
To my memory I shall keep 


Three Sirens

Many ships
In our oceans and seas
Have succumbed
To the sirens three

Over natures waves
They sing their songs
To lure our mariners
Where they don't belong 

Their serenading
Captures their hearing
Enchanting voices
Dis quells their fearing

The mariners in slumber
As they climb aboard
And slay as they sleep
Take their deathly hoard

To the waters they return
As they await the next ship
For our seafaring mariners
In their future trips


From Mermaid to Dame

There once was a mermaid called Jane
Who swam all the way to Spain.
    Where she met a senor,
    Head over heels in adore
From mermaid, she turned into a dame


Circle of Candles

In her circle of candles
As she kneels on the floor
The words she recites
Opens a door

This avenue of the unknown
As she summons a dark soul
For a serpent is rising
In demonic extol

As it appears through the black  
In it's ogre dance
It circles around it's summoner
In her hypnotic trance

She marvels at her powers
Once her eyes have cleared
To bring this from the darkness
Her powers she never feared

For the reasons of her actions
Only time will tell
Does she have a hidden agenda
To cast our world to hell