After the Solar Flares

Its the year 2012
Predictions came true
Earth as we know
Has bitten more, than we can chew

Solar flares
Descended today
We knew they were coming
In deadly rays

All it took
From detection to earth
Was fifteen minutes
Sunburst finish

The oceans have risen
The flood plains reclaimed
Millions have been lost
Drowned, homeless or maimed

Its now 2013
And our atmosphere's shattered
With the polar caps melted
We now must do what matters

As we came to terms
The invasion came
Its as if they had waited
For we were their gain

Where they came from
We do not know
They are more advanced than us
As we take blow by blow

Paris my home city
Is under water
The Eiffel Tower distorted
As i watch the slaughter

As i look to the sky
Their mother-ship hovers
With fighters aplenty
We have no place to cover
Belongings, bodies
The stench of disease
As we are constantly pounded
With precision and ease

Our airfields and armies
Obliterated to nil
The human race as it stands
Tastes the bitterest of pill

Then in mid July
We heard some news
From the Atlantic deep
Now Paris is viewing

Three missiles
Broke from the blue
To their mother-ship headed
All aimed and true

Our navies were lost
But the ships of the deep
Escaped the rays
While the polar flares steeped

It took many, many months
As the invaders were brought down
To the waters we have grown used to
It was their turn to drown

Why they were here
We still do not know
For tomorrow is a new day
As us survivors will show

One thing we do know
And we know this for sure
Our world will never be
The way it was before