Love and the Rains Absorbed by Hearts
Love can be like the rain
As both truly flow
It takes different paths
As the roads of life will show
Ground can absorb the rains
As a heart absorbs true love
The most amazing thing is
They both flow from above
 As i read Rebekah's Lynn Richards " Love is like Rain "
                      these words just flowed


Lips of Velvet Touch

Her lips of luster
Scarlet rose scented petals
Velvet to the touch





Deliverance of
Sensuous passion sees them
Face to face, astride




Porcelain Passion
Two smooth toned bodies
Each like China in their hands
Porcelain passion


Moonlit Kiss

Under the palms
This moonlit night
Couple in love
Dreamy sight

Bodies held
Lips close
Hearts beating
Love grows

Noses rub
Lips meet
Arms cuddle
Body heat

Sands graced
As they lie
Looking up
To the starry sky

Chatting of that
Talking of this
Exchanging kisses
Moonlight bliss 


In Silhouette of the Moon

The wind blew her hair
As she silhouetted the moon
The lunar shine
In natures front room

It captured her shape
Curvaceous in her white
Celestial beams
Tranquillity light

She turns to me
And takes my hand
The two of us
In moonlit stand


Cat-suited and Cute
Cat-suited and cute
Baring flesh to her navel
Her bronzed body
In wanting able
Wrists manacled
As her chest pouts
The needing of join
Her heart shouts
In tethered mode
With silken scarves
To her body delight
One caresses her curves
Her chest rises
Saluting his touch
His manly hands
Now in cupped clutch
Their lips meet
Tongues entwined
Tasting licking
De-vine in dine
Catsuit peeled
Down her wanting curves
Her eyes yearning
For his manly serves
As she lies there manacled
Hungering for their zest
His adventurous kissing
Starting from her breasts
Torso traversed
As her scents allure
Following her aroma
Heavenly pure
Her thighs, she holds
His manly shape
His shadow drapes
Two engines tuned
To race in time
Revving hearts
In loving rhyme
Manacles opened
To feel her caress
Absorbing each other
Inner flowing finesse
Our sighs in rhythm
Kissing unites
Dove and her Highlander
Cat-suited delight


Blond so Fond

Bare breasted and blond
Back drop of the moon
In stretched out vista
Silken skin bloom

Body so perfect
Trimmed and serene
Captures imagination
Wanting dream

Blond hair splayed
Caught by the breeze
Like tentacles of want
My heart aches to please

To be in her presence
Wrapped up in her mane
Close to her heart
Delightful remain


Manacled in Black Lace
Masked maiden
In lacy black frills
Manacled, chained
Sensuous thrills
Birthday suit bare
Heavenly toned
Sweetened and ripe
In wanting groan
With her laced black fan
She lures with her scent
He slowly walks to her
As her eyes lament
She looks up to him
In hungering stare
As he looks down
Desiring her there
He offers his hand
His maiden in black
To rejoice in their join
Passion attack
To a leather couch
He rests her down
His dark haired vixen
Lacy gowned
Hands encroach
In bodily roam
Heavenly home
In pleasurable touch
Their joys arise
In welcome slide
His pride inside
Rhythmic rhythm
Tantalising tongues
Hands homing
Sexually sung
Perpetual in motion
Writhing want
Cries of caressing
Her heavenly font
The mix of their motion
River of love
Quench of two
Eagle and dove
Rosy complexions
Flora flushed
Passions hushed
Pinked and blushed
Couched and cosy
Hunger appeased
Two covered in lace
In lovingly please


My Birthday Dance

In leathers and silks
Before me she stands
With her short dark hair
In delightful strands

As a birthday treat
She declares to striptease
Our passion will follow
For our wants to please

Her hips start to sway
As her torso gyrates
Her breasts in sync dance
To excite her soul mate

Hands behind her head
In sultry pose she looks
The enjoyment of her moves
She's doing it by the book

The leathers she is wearing
Entice her hands to touch
Revealing her pert shaped breasts
My want to caress them much

Slowly she moves to her music
Her rhythmic motions pour
Now sliding down her underwear
Falling gracefully to the floor

Naked apart from her silks
That cover her arms and legs
Her man now panting and wanting
On his knee's he soon will beg

Her hands begin to wander
To touch the woman in her
My heart begins to rev
She can hear my engine purr

The tempo in her actions
Excites the man in me
What a birthday present
My darling has done for me

She starts to dance real closer
Her hands undress me so
We both now stand there naked
The desire of each other grows

We start with a kiss
Like rose petals in the breeze
Lightly caressing and touching
As we collapse to our knee's

The floor becomes our temple
As our bodies sensuously mix
The images as we make love
My birthday dance in pix


Purred to Perfection
She calls me up
Come over now
Let's experiment
On arrival
Dressed in black
Body purring
Like a pussy cat
Her leather-ed wear
Two thin strips
Flesh so open
Lips to hips
Stocking delight
Two pillars of black
Opening of joy
No turning back
Tying of leather
Lashed to her bed
Purring to perfection
Her wantings read
Stroked and petted
Writhing in pout
Touching of her
In sensuous shout
Deliverance of love
Our bodies grow
Releasing our spores
Explosive throw
On her command i release
Her ties so slack
The rise of her body
Arch of her back
I'm captured within
In clench of her grip
Total satisfaction
Sexed equip
Passion's continue
Well into the night
Leather-ed and bound
Her wanting delight


Their First Night
His flight arrives
They meet, a kiss
It's taken many months
To be like this
They head off home
In constant chat
Talking off this
And talking off that
They settle down
With a lovely wine
Talking of their pasts
Into evening time
Thoughts of dinner
In discussion arise
Chinese takeaway
Mm, mouth watering cries
Plates clean
The chef we praise
To the wine we drink
Our glasses we raise
At the table we sit
Eye's in stare
Feet touching
The wantings there
Holding hands
Sensing love
Beating hearts
Eagle and dove
To the Sofa we settle
Into the night
Topics aplenty
Conversation delight
Its the early hours
She takes my hand
To her private realm
In this promised land
We shower together
With tender caress
Our bodies connect
Torso impress
In between kisses
We dry each other
To her bed we lie
Under silky covers
Face to face
Lips connect
Our gentle caress
Takes effect
Welcoming sigh
Two become one
Passions run
Loves flow has begun
In pleasuring explode
Comforting clutch
Kisses gracing
This heavenly touch
We lie together
Absorbed, entwined
Into dreamy sleep
In each others minds


Beauty so Blond
Beauty so blond
In her pale blue dress
Her long flowing hair
Sheer finesse
With model looks
Complexion delight
Sky blue eyes
Luring, excite
Her posture of walk
Proud and true
Figure of dreams
My mind pursues
Many thoughts
My sleep has shared
And many nights
I think I'm there
The next dawn I awake
Has it all been a dream
Did we kiss, did we touch
My blond haired queen


Droplets of Lure
The wetting rains
Down her body flows
Her blond yellow hair
Against her shoulder glows
Her curves captured
In the morning sun
This gleam of woman
Inside me runs
Droplets of moisture
On her body sit
In waiting lure
Invitation to commit
Upon her command
Our bodies meet
Evaporation of want
Internal greet
Combustion met
Revved and tuned
Droplets of lure
Magnetically spooned
Purring to effect
In each others arms
The join of two
Enchanting their charms 
Yellow Bikini She Wears
Bikini clad babe
Tanned for the day
She invites me home
Maybe, nightly stay
Her home we reach
She showers, I wait
Drinks are poured
It feels like a date
The heat persists
Yellow bikini she wears
Once again
In x-ray stare
Our talks continue
Like the previous day
But more of each other
More open say
More drinks are drunk
As the evening longs
That feeling hovers
This is where I belong
The music plays
As i take her hand
This bikini clad babe
Beside me stands
Torso to torso
Face to face
Our eyes meet
Then our lips grace
Kisses like roses
Touched by the breeze
Contact so light
Increasing of tease
Our hearts are releasing
Signals the same
Passion of flow
In wanting tame
Her body I kiss
As my teeth undress
Release of her clad
Revealing her naked finesse
Muscled and proud
She strides as i stand
Bikini clad babe
And her beach found man
Like a piston and liner
To her place off rest
Consumed in hunger
Sensuous zest
Our bodies discover
The joys of a bond
This is more than love
It's two hearts in respond
Our heavens delight
As our bodies glow
Rhythm's from rapid
To caress of slow
Sensations saved
In our loving minds
To love each again
In future times


Her Other Side of Midnight
As I sit here and ponder
About my love that's gone
She was tall, slim and shapely
Angelic and full of song
But then I started to wonder
At certain times she never came home
I used to wait and worry
And the streets I would sometimes roam
So many early mornings
She wandered in all tired
The changing of my love
Whom once I craved and so desired
So many questions i asked
But for her, there was no tell
For it came to break my heart
As I told her to go to hell
One wintry stormy night
The truth i needed to know
I followed her in my car
Through winds and driving snow
Her car turns into a driveway
In an classy part of town
Where the elite look down upon us
In typical, turned up nose frown
I park my car discretely
Hidden from the road
As I make my way to this mansion
Quite an affluent abode
I slowly, quietly walk
To find out why she's here
As I approach a bay lit window
Stealthily I begin to peer
I see a well dressed man
Slightly older than me
As in the door way stands
My darling so close to me
But gone are her innocents
That were by my side
She's now scantily dressed
The truth to why she's lied
Her skin on show all over
Black leathers in sporadic view
Her breasts all pert and ample
Eyes of azure blue
I stand in total shock
As my love in another mans arms
Sharing her heavenly body
Rejoicing in her charms
No more of this I can take
As I turn and take flight
Betrayed by my loved one
Her other side of midnight


Tonned and Tanned on Ormond Sands

On Ormond Beach sands
I sit one day
Raise my head
My eyes in gaze
Bikini clad babe
Catches my eye
My heart jumps
With delightful sighs 
Her rainbow colours
In what she wears
Lures my thoughts
In x-ray stares
The curves of she
Blows my mind
Shaped of girl
Just my kind
Beside me she sits
All toned and tanned
Long blond hair
Like Ormond sands
We introduce
And talk for ages
About various things
Our intelligent pages
It's getting late
Farewells we say
We agree to meet
Another day
Walking home
My mind in thought
I say to myself
She's the girl I've sought
What happens tomorrow
Just wait and see
Bikini clad babe
On the beach, we'll see