When our Flame no Longer Flickered

We are born not knowing what's ahead
Into a world when wanted or not
Some of us are a surprise
Though many appeared when thought

Many of us grow with love all around
Sadly there are ones who are not
For this we have to be fortunate
They are eternal in their sought

We grow up living the years given
Some fall like the Autumn leaves
The fortunate of us grow old
Like the fallen, through our years we may grieve

Eventually everyone faces life's decision
In many ways this event can be triggered
For many of us are prepared or not
When our flame no longer flickered

Trample, More Like Trampled

Trampled underfoot
Two words that describe my life
Initially my first fiancée
And latterly my wife

To be cheated on
Then a broken trust
In monetary and in love
Like ageing bread, I'd be the crust

To their Lions
Is where I awake
Dazed and confused
How much more can I take

My peripheral world is hazy
Whom we meet, their sometimes not
Trample, more like trampled
My name is James, forget me not

I Recall

I recall, not so long ago
Being a family man, I could feel my life in flow
A straight line it was never to be, for forks started to appear
Stronger I thought I'd be, having my children near

Forward I peered, into an unknown abyss
To look for brighter pastures in hope that life is bliss
Many sleeps were taken whilst there were many sleepless nights
Round and round I mourned, trying to believe whats right

They tell you in these situations that a corner you will turn
It's the turning of that corner that can lead a past to burn
To meet another person, where one looks so far ahead
It's the steps that need to take you there, eventually their said

Amidst the trials of life, to the turning of these days
It's how brave we are to face them, and allow ones life to say
Many greys we call life's clouds, become our peripheral
It's to desire these clouds to dismiss, and let our living be all


Bruised Torn and Battered

Me, look at me
In my background of gloom
I'm barely alive
In natures front room

I feel like the tree
In naked surround
Bruised torn and battered
On soiled life's ground

I used to stand tall
So proud of me
Now I wither and age
In bleaks misery

The tolling of my bell
Like thunder to the tree
We appear to be in sync
So troubled and nearly free

Pillars we are and always
In our peripheral
Born we are of creation
Who said it would be a ball


Haven't We Been Here Before

This morning I closed my eyes
They never stayed closed for long
For I was taken to a different place
It was not where I belonged

Quadrants amidst different worlds
Really opened up my eyes
And allowed me to look down in anger
To a world of transparent lies

Geometric calculations 
Were shown before my eyes
In South American representation
Ley Lines I now despise

Pyramid shapes have taken build
So distant, could they have talked
The reasoning by the scientists
When I questioned, all they did was baulk

Standing Stones so primative
Yet they appear in many places
Geometrically they are
Yet they wear different faces

In caves images are drawn
Of beasts that seem the same
Yet, before we managed to be
We're amidst the living game

What we do appear to see
Are the Sun, Moon and the rains
Is this because they were there
And our eyesight was never brained

It's now the time for reason
And Earths truth to be much more
No matter what Governments hide
Haven't we been here before

Paper and Plastic, is Man Fantastic

Me, I'm just part of mother earth
I'm just a little particle
At least mother earth knows I'm worth

Me and other particles
We make up her ground
For purity it is, it's found all around

For millions of years
We absorbed so many things
Decaying plants and flesh
In daily life it brings

Then the day arrived
With the experiments of man
Creating what was never here
Was it in their future plans

I can still recall the day
Seeing a fluttering near me
It was so white, drifting like a leaf
But I couldn't picture the tree

Beside me it lay
Not for long, just a couple of weeks
Here, then it was gone
Us particles no longer weeped

The fortunate in us lived on
Living many, many years
But this day I'll always remember
Us particles choked, and lingering tears

Generations now have passed
The same colour, white like the paper
This time it never left
Mans creation, who cares, their caper

Blue in Surround

Well, let me introduce me
I'm a colour as you will read
You'll find me all around
Everywhere, on every street

I can be found in National Colours
Mysticism, Politics
For being one of the spectral colours
In many, believe me I tick

Religions I have even influenced
Symbolism is another I've entered
Many Sports have adopted me
For every day I'm centered

Even in our mother nature
I'm blessed with fantastic bliss
My advice to any new colours
Being me, I bet you wish

True Colours We Are All

What ever flicked the switch, to decide from their within
To deem another not worthy by the colour of their skin

We, upon this wonderful planet, we're each and all the same
Nature decreed our colours, born we are of different acclaim

No matter from where we come from, no matter to where we go
We all sail the rivers of life, and our many colours should flow

The next time you walk your streets, in cities and your towns
When the sun shines upon us, we're neither white nor brown

For although she shines on us, to her we're all the same
We are shadows, we are no different, so why do others claim

Wheels of Confusion

Wheels of confusion, amidst an abyss of mind
To declare a love for another, whilst another is left aside

But this other that's left aside, was never really aside at all
What does that say for the other, in his mind stands ten feet tall

Wheels of confusion, amidst an abyss of mind
Is this how relationships are, indeed a different kind

One near, one far, shows distance does have it's say
When the other who's not so close, his distance keeps him at bay

Wheels of confusion, amidst an abyss of mind
Me, I'm the other, always at distance, is where I'd find

It's the one in the middle that abhors, playing with the others lives
For her wheels of confusion shall ever spin, for games within her strive

Wheels of confusion, amidst an abyss of mind
Me, I'm the other, the above I leave behind


Inner Sanctuary

Inner sanctuary is within us all, it's a cushion if we should fall
We can fall for various reasons, indeed in many a season

It's when we rebound back to life, we address this inner strife
To pick up our pieces, and retrace our paths of life

These reasons have to be addressed, investigate shall we
For if we take them for granted, who will we turn out to be

These passages of life, make us out to be who we are
We must allow our inner sanctuary, individually we're all a star

Inner sanctuary is within us all, it's a cushion if we should fall
So look back and look around, who said it would be a ball